Our ensembles are generally between
6 and 12 weeks, and can meet as little as once a week or as often as five times a week. Generally, the ensemble programs fall into one of two categories:

  • Educational - These emphasize learning about your instrument and music theory, the music industry, or music technology. They can range from instruction in songwriting to how to record your own home demo, and give students tools they can bring home and continue to work on.

  • Performance - These programs allow students the opportunity to face one of the toughest problems any performing artist faces: the stage. Students learn how to play in a group setting, communicate with other musicians, develop a stage presence, and work on eliminating stage anxiety. 

Monday-Thursday: 12-8pm

Friday: 12-7pm

Saturday: 9-4pm

549 American Legion Hwy, Ste 3

Westport, MA 02790


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