One of the best ways to begin studying an instrument is with private music lessons.  Why?  Private music lessons are individualized to your learning needs.  This can make the lessons more interesting and more motivating, because you can focus on the style of music you love and the specific techniques needed to get you there.  Whether you are an advanced student, a gigging musician, or just picking up your instrument for the first time, Double Bar music has instructors to take you to the next level.

Another factor that makes private music lessons so worthwhile is that you develop a relationship with your instructor.  This allows your instructor to understand your playing habits (good and bad) and helps him/her recognize your unique voice as a musician.  This is hard to address when in a group.


Finally, private music lessons accommodate a busy schedule.  Although it is expected that you commit to a specific scheduled time every week, it is based on your own scheduling needs as well as those of your private instructor.


To see the teachers and instruments available for private instruction, visit our Staff page.  If you are interested in learning about lesson availability, or if you would like to schedule a lesson, please call DBM.


For those working on a much shorter time-frame, or for those who would rather take music lessons with a friend (or two), group music lessons are a great alternative.  These classes are offered on Saturdays, and are available for a variety of instruments.  Each class can hold up to 10 students, and covers the basics of how to play your instrument and understand music. 

What do group classes offer that private lessons do not?  Fellow students.  These classes allow students to work together, as well as with an instructor.  This a great way for students to find other musicians of their age and skill level.  They are also a very condensed way to learn: one hour, once a week, for one month.

Each session runs for 4 weeks, starting on the first Saturday of the month, and is available in beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels.  To get the current schedule, please call DBM.



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Monday-Thursday: 12-8pm

Friday: 12-7pm

Saturday: 9-4pm

549 American Legion Hwy, Ste 3

Westport, MA 02790


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