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Welcome to Double Bar Music

Double Bar Music is Marcelle Gauvin and daughter Kelsey Jacobsen. After many years of working independently in the music business, they have combined their experience to create an environment of learning, performance, and joyful expression. DBM emphasizes the importance of the total musician: from learning the basics of how to handle and care for your instrument, to productive practice habits, honest and engaging performance presentation, and a realistic, in-depth understanding of the music business.

All DBM instructors are working professionals, and many have graduated with music performance or music education degrees. For this reason, DBM instructors deeply understand the demands of being a modern day musician. Student collaborations are encouraged to help the learning process and develop the student's understanding of making live music. We also provide regular performance opportunities for our students. DBM is especially well respected for it's effective training of Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) vocalists. If you're a pop, rock, country, r&b, music theatre, or alternative singer, DBM is the home of healthy, stylistically appropriate vocal training. 

A quick look at Double Bar Music's lesson availability:​

  • banjo lessons

  • bass lessons

  • cello lessons

  • clarinet lessons

  • drumset & percussion

  • flute lessons

  • guitar lessons

  • mandolin lessons

  • music theory

  • ​​piano lessons

  • recording

  • saxophone lessons

  • steel pan lessons

  • trombone lessons

  • trumpet lessons

  • ukulele lessons

  • viola lessons

  • violin lessons

  • voice lessons

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