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Private Lessons

Scheduling / Payment - Monthly
Unless otherwise stated, private music lessons are scheduled in either 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute increments. The student will meet with their private instructor at their designated lesson time once a week. This slot is reserved for the student until s/he forfeits the time. Lessons cost $30 per half hour, $45 per 45 minute, or $60 per hour multiplied by the number of weeks in that month. Payment must be received at the start of each month.


Cancellations & Makeups
DBM does not forward lesson payments unless it is the teacher or studio that cancels. Make-ups are available for students that cancel in advance, however scheduling is dependent on the instructor’s availability and not guaranteed. If a student cancels excessively or misses a lesson without notification, they forfeit their payment and the option to make-up the missed lesson(s).


Students will not be charged for any holidays, vacations, or planned closings honored by the studio and staff.

Scheduling / Payment - Weekly
If paying by the week, lessons are priced at $35 per 30 minute, $52 per 45 minutes, or $70 per 60 minutes. It is important to note that when paying by the week, a lesson time is not reserved for you. The student is responsible for booking each lesson based on the teacher’s availability each week. Each lesson must be paid for individually at the time the lesson takes place. When paying weekly, students will not be charged for lessons canceled 24 hours in advance. Please note: Even if a student pays weekly, “no-show, no call” missed lessons must be paid for upon student’s return.


Bi-Weekly Lessons

All bi-weekly lessons are considered part of the “weekly lesson” registration and will be priced accordingly ($35 per 30 / $52 per 45 / $70 per 60). Students that wish to schedule bi-weekly must be flexible in adjusting their time to accommodate the teacher’s changing student load. 

Finally, the studio reserves the right to discontinue a student’s private lessons if the student frequently misses lessons or payments, or if the student’s behavior is deemed unacceptable by the studio’s staff.

If you are opting to change your enrollment for any reason, monthly to weekly or weekly to monthly, the store must be notified in advance and the change will be applied at the start of the new month after any lesson balance has been paid. Changes will not be applied retroactively for lesson payments due.



Ensembles/classes are anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks long, and may meet as little as once a week or as often as five times a week. Students that enroll in an ensemble/class do so under the understanding that they commit to ALL prearranged ensemble/class meetings and performances. 


Ensemble/class pricing varies depending on length, frequency of meetings, and skill level offered. Specialty courses offered by guest instructors are often more expensive because of their unique quality. Unless otherwise stated, payment is due in full BEFORE the first ensemble/class meeting.


Because ensembles/classes have multiple attendees, make-ups are not available. The student is still responsible for paying the full ensemble/class fee despite notifying the studio of potential absence(s) in advance. ​Furthermore, because ensembles/classes are dependent on the regular attendance of all students enrolled, students that regularly miss meetings forfeit their enrollment.

Finally, the studio reserves the right to discontinue a student's enrollment in the ensemble/class if the student's behavior is deemed unacceptable by the studio's staff.

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